In conjunction with any In House Cosmetic Tattoo or Keratin Lash Lifting treatments.

Our cosmetic needling treatment will promote skin cell renewal by naturally stimulating collagen and elastin production in the skin. Continual and consistent treatments will help to strengthen and restore the skin, resulting in improved texture, brightness, tone and feel. Skin needling is a non-invasive treatment, which utilises a micro-needling pen with fine needles to achieve results in specific concern areas, such as under the eye, nose and the lips. 


There is minimal down-time post treatment, you can expect some redness and your skin may feel slightly warm and sensitive to touch. These symptoms will typically diminish within 24 hours. Most people see an immediate result 7 days post treatment, however optimal results are achieved up to 3 months post treatment.


Treatment Time: 35-45mins
Performed by trained professionals in-house


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