Brow & Lash Growth Duo

Brow & Lash Growth Duo

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Brow & Lash Growth Duo is not available to purchase online. To purchase, please call us on 0447 167 227 to process over the phone.

Supercharge your brow and lash growth with the AJ Brow & Lash Growth Duo. 

This kit includes our cult growth stimulating duo - Lash Growth Serum & Daily Brow Mask. Use both products daily to harness the nourishing ingredients that encourage hair growth.

Our Eyelash Growth Serum harnesses the power of nourishing vitamins and peptides to target follicles and make your lashes grow fuller and longer.

Daily Brow Mask first-of-its-kind natural formulation, featuring hero ingredient cold pressed castor oil, alongside a considered blend of aloe vera and sunflower, argan and sweet almond oils, to: seal, nourish, hydrate and nurture your brows for optimum brow health

Brow & Lash Growth Duo is valued at $234. Limited stock available. 



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