AJ DIY Brow Tint Kit

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AJ DIY Brow Tint Kit

Regular price $115.00
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Maintain darker brows at home with the Amy Jean D-I-Y Brow Tint Kit. Follow AJ's step by step instructions to achieve your desired brow shade and shape at home. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1000 Hour Brow Dye in your preferred shade.
  • Vaseline 7g
  • Cotton Tips 
  • Baby Wipes 
  • Amy Jean Brow Top Coat
  • Amy Jean Retractable Brow Brush 
  • Amy Jean Two-in-One Tweezers


  1. Pin your hair off your face or use a shower cap.
  2. Cleanse your brows and blot with a tissue.
  3. Apply Vaseline around your brows with a cotton tip, being mindful not to get any on the hairs themselves.
  4. Squeeze tint into the mixing tray.
  5. Add activator liquid. Mix thoroughly.
  6. Start applying the tint on the arch and tails. Then move closer to the front as you are finishing up.
  7. Dampen a cotton tip and trace around your brows to remove any mistakes. Do this step twice. 
  8. ALLOW TO PROCESS. 1-2 minutes for subtle results. 4-5 minutes for stronger depth. 
  9. Use baby wipes to remove the tint. 
  10. Brush your brows with the spoolie brush (Opposite End of Retractable Brow Brush).


Avoid contact with eyes.
Avoid contact with skin.
Avoid breathing vapour.

This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation to certain individuals, and when used for eyelash & eyebrow tinting may cause injury to the eye. A preliminary patch test according to the accompanying directions should be made before use.

For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre. Phone 131126 or a doctor at once. Urgent hospital treatment is likely to be needed. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. If in eye, wash out immediately with water.

Amy Jean Brow Agency takes no responsibility for the results of your at home tinting kit. Follow the instructions and guidelines on the box. A test patch is recommended. 

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