Discover Amy Jean's latest treatment offering, 'Laser Lightening', also known as laser toning, this tattoo removal process utilises the picosecond engineering of Italian manufactured: Quanta System Discovery Pico.



Our type of picosecond laser is attracted to pigment, shattering unwanted tattoo colour and expelling through the bodies natural lymphatic system while leaving the surrounding tissue hair and skin unharmed. Picosecond technology utilises ultra-short pulses to ensure a highly potent and precise photo-acoustic effect, making it exceptionally successful in targeting even micro fragments of tattoo pigment. Please note, this process will not remove the eyebrow hairs or damage the surrounding follicles as it has no thermal affect.



Laser Lightening provides a safe and non-invasive option for those seeking to remove, lighten, or tone their existing brow tattoo, accommodating those who desire a subtle lightening and toning before refreshing the colour or those who prefer complete tattoo removal, with the number of sessions determined based on the client's specific needs. Most commonly, Amy Jean is recognising that the trend of oversized and richly defined brows is on the decline, stating 'clients are opting for softer, less obvious definition in a few shades lighter'. Often pigment build-up from over frequenting a salon, causes pigment saturation, which in-turn can cause cosmetic tattoo to appear blocky, rather than sheer.



Laser Lightening is designed to be a swift and comfortable experience. The treatment itself can take as little as 10-15 mins to complete, however please allow addition 30-45 mins for anaesthetic processing, test patch procedures and consultation paperwork.  We ensure little to no discomfort for clients while providing noticeable lightening of pigment after the first session. The treatment includes a post treatment 'fractional laser' application, which is extremely effective in promoting fast healing times.
Amy Jean offers sessions at $495 per session, with the number of sessions dependent on tattoo pigment saturation in the skin and the desired outcome. We recommend a minimum of 2 treatments for optimum results.
Consultation $95.
First Session $495
Returning Sessions $450
  • Your first session includes a complimentary Amy Jean Product to fill in your brows. This will assist in camouflaging any unevenness during the healing process, as they continue to fade over 4-6 weeks.
  • We provide organic Aloe Vera gel for you to apply to your brows. We recommend applying pure Aloe gel 2-3 times a day to keep the treated area hydrated.

Will I require a consultation?
You are welcome to submit photos of your brows in natural light without makeup to or visit in person for a full assessment and in-depth discussion about your brow goals.

Will I find the treatment painful?
We apply a topical anesthetic prior to the treatment as well as our hand held freeze-cooling hose, to direct across the treatable area throughout the procedure. The intense cooling provides a numbing affect. The laser is likened to a series of small elastic band 'pops' across the skin. Clients are normally relieved by how little pain is involved.

Is this treatment available if I had my tattoo procedure at another clinic (not Amy Jean).
Yes. We can treat all types of brow tattoo removal including micro-blading, combination, powder or ombre brows with a machine or bladed application.
We can assist with reapplying new brow tattooing over your lasered brows.

When can I wear makeup again?
Depending on the skin sensitivity, normally 2-3 days post treatment.

How soon can I laser remove a tattoo I’m unhappy with?
A minimum of 6 weeks is required.

When can I tattoo my brows again following Laser Lightening?
A minimum of 8 weeks is required between your final laser lightening appointment and your tattoo.
How long is required between Laser Lightening sessions?
4-6 weeks

Will the treatment remove my eyebrows?
No. The treatment leaves the hairs and surrounding skin unaffected.
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