Emerging in the eyebrow arena in 2017, this very popular technique is fast becoming a popular alternative to feather-touch tattooing and can also help to camouflage old faded tattooing. Depending on your type of eyebrow growth, brow colour and skin type, you may be better suited to this very natural form of brow tattooing. Unlike the “block” tattooing of the past, our artists utilise an “airbrushing” technique along the skin, where a series of infinitely fine dots of pigment are implanted into the skin to give a ‘mist” of colour along the skin. You can discuss the option with your artist to build more intense colour in sparse areas such as the arch and tail for an ombré effect. The healed results looks very similar to our less permanent treatment Henna Brows and will minimise the use of eyebrow products as we have created background shading where you need it most.


This is a cosmetic tattoo procedure, therefore the healing and aftercare needs to be given as much attention as a regular brow tattoo


Treatment Time: 2hrs
Treatment cost includes follow-up retouch between 4-8 weeks after new tattoo.
Performed by trained professionals in-house


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